She Bad Bad is a mini documentary following some artists who were part of a group exhibition called She Bad Bad. With scenes of the show opening at the Market Photo Workshop, which housed the work in two of their galleries. Supported by the French Institute of SouthAfrica, NAZO arts and projects, Open Society Foundation for South Africa and Market Photo Workshop’s public programmes department. The documentary reflects on sisterhood, collaboration in the arts.

Screenshot from documentary.

Screenshot from the documentary.
Musician Laliboi at the She Bad Bad group exhibition opening at Market Photo Workshop.
Screenshot from the documentary. It was later edited out of the final cut, but still made for a great screengrab.
Audience members at the She Bad Bad opening at Market Photo Worskhop in Johannesburg.
Screenshot from the documentary of creative partners and twin sisters, Noncedo Gxekwa (right)and Nonzuzo Gxekwa (left).
Collage by Brittany Zoë Masters. A screengrab from a how to video made by Brittany.
Visual artist Tshepiso Moropa (right) with her twin sister Tshepang Moropa (left)

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